Help us to serve the community while supporting local artisans by commissioning a beautiful piece of hand-crafted furniture for use at Azahara. Your generous contributions will help our project develop and grow.


Azahara is pleased to collaborate with Floorshapes Carpentry, a group of artisans that have been working together for over 13 years in the Alpujarras region. They specialise in furniture and woodwork from tables and benches to doors, windows, pergolas, joinery, restoration, decorative work and more. Floorshapes Carpentry is also committed to upskilling young people through educational and community-led projects. To read more about their work click here.

Connected to our goal of making Azahara an international hub for exchanging ideas and knowledge is our dedication to investing in the local economy and preserving time-honoured skills. By supporting Azahara you will also be empowering local people and safeguarding an ancient culture of beauty, knowledge and sustainability.

To commission one of the pieces below, please get in touch via the contact form, citing the reference number. May Allah bless you for your generous contribution!