Floorshapes Carpentry is a collaborative project that has been running for over 13 years and offers a wide range of woodwork-related services in the Alpujarras region of Granada, southern Spain. As well as making fine bespoke furniture, we specialise in all aspects of rural carpentry, from doors, windows and pergolas to roofing, joinery, fencing, restoration and more.

At Floorshapes we strongly believe in helping to strengthen community bonds, and for this reason we regularly offer our services and skills for free or at a very low cost for a host of local community and educational projects. We also strongly believe in helping young people to develop useful trade skills, particularly since we live in an area with a devastatingly high unemployment rate.

It is our great pleasure to be collaborating with Azahara International, which is providing a much-needed hub and exchange of ideas, opportunity and knowledge at both local and international levels.

We need your help and support!

There are several ways you can do this:

1. Commission a beautiful piece of furniture that will enhance the surroundings of Azahara and enable them to better serve guests and the community

2. Make a donation to Azahara: your contribution will help to fund ongoing repairs and renovations onsite, which provides our collective with regular work and keeps the project running smoothly

3. Fund a workshop for young people on one of the following topics: joinery, carpentry, design and development, general trade knowledge, tile work, restoration, 3D geometric construction. As we are collaborative project, we are keen to hear your ideas! Please get in touch by email: floorshapes(at)

Thank you very much for your support!

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