Reflect upon the beauty of the artistry on land and sea,
And journey through Allah’s Attributes both hidden and open.
Sidi Muhammad Ibn Al-Habib

Shaykhs’ Visits

In September of 2019, Azahara was blessed with the visit of the American scholar and spiritual teacher Dr Umar Farouq Abd-Allah, together with a group

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Weekly Dhikr

Once a week, a small community of local Sufis have been congregating for a circle of dhikr (remembrance of God) in the Azahara Zawiya. We

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Kids’ Camps

Since 2019, in collaboration with Dar al-Anwar, a Muslim cultural association in Granada, Azahara has hosted several outdoor activity camps for Muslim kids and teens.

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Open Days

We have enjoyed several Open Days so far at Azahara, welcoming people of all faiths and none to take a tour of the land and

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Seed Events

On a fine September afternoon, we held a Heritage Grains of Andalusia, we held a Heritage Grains of Andalusia workshop with Alonso Navarro Chaves, a

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At harvest time, we always need teams of people to help out, which is guaranteed to be a fantastic day out, learning skills and enjoying

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