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Kids’ Camps

Since 2019, in collaboration with Dar al-Anwar, a Muslim cultural association in Granada, Azahara has hosted several outdoor activity camps for Muslim kids and teens.

Providing a much-needed country escape for kids from the city, as well as adventure, learning, and praying under the stars, these camps, led by Ali Keeler of Al Firdaus Ensemble, Mariam Roncero and Omar Arroud, have been hugely enjoyable for all involved.

The kids swam in the alberca (water reservoir), hiked in the mountains, climbed the Lanjarón castle (and went for ice-cream afterwards!), learned the story of the Prophet Muhammad’s life, as well as the etiquettes of wudu’ (ablution) and salat (ritual prayer), helped prepare and serve communal meals, made arts and crafts (including a geodesic dome), did Capoeira, played games, and had a great time together. We hope to continue to hold camps for teens and kids whenever possible!