There is a growing demand for halal, organic meat among Muslims our area, as people become more and more aware of the unethical treatment of animals in industrial farms, and the need for Muslims to eat not only food that is technically halal, but also ‘tayyib’ (good). We have 30 chickens at the moment that supply free-range, organic eggs to the local community, and are about to buy an incubator to start producing our own chickens for meat.

The next steps in our halal animal products project are to extend the chicken run to offer the chickens warmth in winter, and to prepare a barn and field for another variety of livestock: sheep! There are several local varieties of sheep that tolerate the summer heat in Andalusia, and can provide halal, organic lamb as well as wool. Meat, eggs, and products made with the wool from our sheep can then be sold at the Azahara shop.

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