Infrastructure Restoration

Since taking on the Azahara estate in 2018, our priority has been to refurbish existing structures to create study and prayer spaces and install a solar electricity system. This has included transforming a ruined barn into a beautiful open-air mosque:

The original barn structure

The finished Mosque!

We have also opened out a large room in the main building to use as a Zawiya (space for dhikr, or remembrance of God), which can comfortably seat 40 people or more:

A large, shared kitchen was refurbished, and has now provided food for over 80 people at a time. We have also built a classroom with a maximum capacity of 20 and views to the Mediterranean Sea through a large double-glazed window:

The classroom being built

The classroom now in use!

And the classroom’s magnificent views!

We have also refurbished three separate accommodation buildings that can sleep up to a total of 20 people. All of the buildings now have electricity from a large solar system and back-up generator. These are as follows:

• Casa Ziryab and Casa Aisha, two semi-detached houses which each have 2 double bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, providing accommodation for 8-10 people in total

• Casa Al-Tighnari, a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in the heart of the estate, providing accommodation for up to 5 people

• Studio Ibn al-Baytar and Studio Ibn Bassal, self-contained studio apartments with full bathrooms that can each sleep 2 people

See our Rentals section for more details, or to make a reservation!

In the coming 3 years we hope to:

• Renovate existing bathrooms in the ladies’ area of the Zawiyah to provide 2 toilets, 2 showers, a wudu’ area and washbasins

• Landscape the gardens around the mosque, creating a private garden and swimming pool for ladies and children

• Landscape the field opposite the mosque to be a multi-use area for concerts, sports, workshops, and communal celebrations

• Landscape the area around the new classroom

• Create walkways and gardens throughout the land

• Provide toilets near the mosque

• Construct a carpentry workshop

• Build a processing room to make products from the land, e.g. honey, jams, tapenades, pickles, olive oil soap

• Build a bakery for local people to produce fine breads and patisseries, and to provide a space for bakery courses to be held

• Create a shop for local artisans

• Get the main swimming pool up and running

• Renovate the kitchen

• Purchase nearby houses to provide extra lodging so we can accommodate 40 people in total

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