If you become a helper of hearts,
springs of wisdom will flow from your heart.
Jalal ad-Din Rumi

Azahara was founded in 2018 as a collaborative space for study, prayer and reflection, drawing upon and putting into practice the spiritual ecology of Al-Andalus, as well as its arts and crafts, with the intention of deepening our connection to Allah ﷻ  .

We take our inspiration from Al-Andalus, a dynamic period in Iberian history brimming with Islamic scholarship, innovative agricultural techniques, iconic arts and cutting-edge crafts. Sustainability was built into a way of life that valued knowledge, balance and beauty as much as faith and remembrance of God, and which influenced Europe and the Arab world for centuries.

Azahara hosts events ranging from classes on Islamic spirituality and Qur’an to beekeeping, heritage seeds and olive oil soapmaking, as well as Eid celebrations, circles of dhikr (remembrance of God), outdoor activity camps for kids/teens, and communal meals bringing together people of all faiths (and none!).

To return to a more respectful, gentle relationship with nature, we organize tree-planting and harvests with the local community as well as guests from over a dozen nationalities worldwide. The Azahara project is designed around Islamic sustainability and supporting the local economy whilst working harmoniously with the natural environment. Its core goal is to provide opportunities for people to reconnect to the land and experience the beauty of simplicity, and to remember Allah ﷻ  through His signs.

Azahara’s volunteer program is a service and community-centered offering. Where Spirituality, Community, and Nature are values we strive to live by in our daily lives. We’ve had volunteer from around the world, and from different walks of life, all wishing to explore and learn what it would mean to live on an alternative, self-sustaining land and in community with others who wish the same. Volunteers who wish to stay at Azahara have the option to choose from different projects such as; land and animal care, accommodation and hospitality, and retreats and events. Volunteers will partake in projects and learn and grow with clarity and guidance by those responsible. Besides partaking in projects, volunteers will have various maintenance tasks around the land, such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc.