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Seed Events

On a fine September afternoon, we held a Heritage Grains of Andalusia, we held a Heritage Grains of Andalusia workshop with Alonso Navarro Chaves, a traditional Andalusian farmer with a wealth of experience in working with indigenous varieties of wheat.

We learned how to grow heritage grains – which are specially adapted to the arid Andalusian climate – in a sustainable way, making the best use of the limited water resources available. We were also joined by Angie, director of a nearby seed saving collective, who brought along a marvellous array of locally-collected heritage seeds, from peppers and tomatoes to kale and French beans.

Part of our goal at Azahara is to foment a more holistic approach to farming, whether small-scale or large-scale, as this is a method that respects the environment and empowers people to grow their own healthy food, cheaply or even for free! We plan to hold many more similar events that bring farmers of all kinds together to support one another in our learning and practice.